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18 April, 2015 (11:43) | Uncategorized | By: dave

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Behringer Ultra G GI100 demo / compared to mic

22 March, 2015 (20:43) | music - recordings | By: dave

The audio flicks between the mic’d signal (iso box, 12″ Celestion speaker and Behringer dynamic XM1800S) and the direct signal from the Ultra G.

Start to 15s is the mic signal
15s to 24s is the DI
24s to 32s is mic
32s to 44s is DI
44s to 56s is mic (with a little Line 6 delay)
56s to 1:04 is DI
1:04 to the end is both

***PLEASE NOTE*** I added a “reverb” impulse of a Fender Bassman to the direct sound, because bare DI is really not usable on its own. You need something akin to air being moved!

Both signals are perfectly acceptable to my ears (especially combined!), showing once again how you don’t need megabucks to get a great sounding recorded guitar part.

Software used was REAPER on an old Mac Pro, and I used PhotoBooth(!) for the video.

I’m still here

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Took a lengthy break after November’s writing frenzy. Just noticed I didn’t link anything here. Eek! For now, you can check out the SoundCloud here.

EDIT: Added a post dated November for the new tracks.


Just getting back into doing some mixing, nothing major.

I’m toying with the idea of setting up a facility where I can help singer/songwriters, for very little cost (to them and to me!). More on this soon.

Later this year I’ll be adding the fifth book in the Guitar Theory Made Easy series (it will probably cover modes). I hope to find someone to sing over some of my tracks, too! :-)


Hope everyone’s doing great, and has great plans for 2015!

Writing Frenzy

30 November, 2014 (20:00) | music - equipment, music - recordings | By: dave

I got sick in November 2014 (man ‘flu’ – there’s little worse!) and over the period of a few days a bunch of new tracks came out of nowhere (I’d rather think they were “given” to me). I uploaded everything to SoundCloud but the main Ambiguation site was offline at the time, so didn’t get the updates.

Basic guitar gear was an Epiphone SG, Line 6 M9, Joyo Fender, Joyo Vox, Winfield “Winnie” Typoon head, Behringer DI box, Winfield dummy load box. Bass was a Squier Jazz into a Behringer Bass V-Amp pro, and everything went into REAPER on Win7, with misc. plugins.

Would love to work with somebody to add words and melodies to these things. They might well need a good dose of rearrangement, too. Maybe some combining and whittling down to fewer, stronger, tracks is in order, too?

Where There’s No Silence (30/11)

Tried (23/11)

Reveal (20/11)

Steady (20/11)

Rebuilder (17/11)

Hush (17/11)

Sealed With a Smile (16/11)

I Think You Should Thank Him (16/11)

Son of Shoulder (16/11)

All tracks are (c) me, and (p) me, 2014.

Lexicon Omega and 32bit REAPER Weirdness, New Tracks

19 November, 2014 (12:54) | music - recordings | By: dave

I bought a used Lexicon Omega to replace my (more than I need) Focusrite 18i20. Around the time it arrived I decided to try 32bit REAPER for some reason (maybe to control the additional windows popping up with Waves plugins? I don’t remember).

I had so much trouble with this setup! Every recording I did was out of time by about half a second on playback, but never my the same amount. It was driving me crazy. I thought maybe the Omega was/is faulty (its MIDI doesn’t work, for example), but then I remembered that there’re two REAPER links on the Desktop. I tried the 64bit version and the timing was fine.

Just a lesson learned.

I’m on the tail end of a week-long headcold / man flu and found myself in a very creative space last weekend. Wrote and recorded five tracks in two days.

Mini-demo – Behringer DI / Winfield amp

5 November, 2014 (09:15) | music - equipment, music - recordings | By: dave

As part of my downsizing I’m trying to get a usable guitar tone without a speaker. My amp these days is a Winfield Typhoon. Here it is when recorded with my iso cab

I got in touch with Winnie (really cool guy!) and said that I was looking to use this fantastic amp with a DI box, but needed a dummy load, and asked about a particular one that was available on Amazon. He said he’d build me one! :-)

So I ordered a Hughes and Kettner Redbox5 to go with my new dummy load and it sounded terrible. Quickly returned! I then thought I’d try the cheap little Behringer Ultra G GI100. Sounds great!

I’m Still Here!

4 November, 2014 (08:01) | other | By: dave

Southpaw Guitars in Houston, TX is a lefty's paradise!

Southpaw Guitars in Houston, TX is a lefty’s paradise!

Work and stuff has kept me away, but I’m still here!

I’ve been working mixing quite a bit over the last few months, I’ve moved my studio to a smaller space, got a Mac (:-O, still use Windows and REAPER though!), and I’m really trimming down on the gear.

All four Guitar Theory Made Easy books are available on Amazon for 99c each. Direct links and a few additional resources can be found here GuitarTheoryMadeEasy.com

More soon!

Quick Update

19 March, 2014 (17:33) | music - writings, music theory studies | By: dave

I’m launching a new instructional series on YouTube called Two Minute Guitar Tips. Each week there’ll be a new video featuring something I think guitarists will find helpful or interesting, and all videos will be around two minutes long. So far I’ve filmed the first seven weeks’ worth of videos. The first video will be available Friday March 21st at 8PM Eastern.


Later this year I’ll be writing and recording an EP. Not sure at this point if it will be acoustic, ambient, songs-without-vocals or a mixture.

I’m also working on the fourth Guitar Theory Made Easy book.


Third Book Now Available!

2 March, 2014 (21:54) | music - writings, music theory studies | By: dave

Basic Harmonization and DIY Chord Construction is now available. There’re a couple of apps over on the GTME site that go with it. Guitar Theory Made Easy . com

I’m working on Book 4 – Extended, Altered, and Suspended Chords and Voice Leading Chord Progressions with a view to releasing it later in 2014.

Get Book 3 from Amazon:


Happy New Year!

1 January, 2014 (14:32) | other | By: dave

All the very best to you and yours for 2014!

I have a few things in store for the coming year. New music. Reviews. Mixing. Guitar building. At least one new book. And a new video web series.

Stay tuned.