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I’m now able to offer recording and mixing services. Most of the musicians and audio folk I’ve encountered recently largely know me as something along the lines of “that English audio guy”, so let’s go with that! :-)

Mobile Recording

Based north of Atlanta, I can come to you and make a professional recording of your rehearsal / gig / sermon with a 16 track mobile rig. All I need from you is a feed from your mixer for each individual track you need to be recorded. I’m not a set up two mics and record the sound of the room kind of recordist; you’ll get the individual multitracks and a stereo mix.


Mixes are great for uploading to your SoundCloud, archiving your sermons on your website, burning to CD to sell at gigs, etc. plus you have the flexibility to send the multitracks to another mix engineer if you need a remix, or even supplement the tracks with additional studio recordings.

Think of it this way: if your band plays live, you don’t need studio time and you don’t need a lot of money to make a demo, or even to make an album!


If you already have some multitracks I can mix and balance them to a standard stereo file. Mixing services are not geographically constrained to the Atlanta area; we can use the convenience of cloud storage to exchange files.

Studio Tracking

If you’re in the north Atlanta area and would like to get some tracks down in a home studio setting, my doors are open. I’m currently focusing on singer / songwriters, but each client is considered on a case-by-case basis. I don’t have the space for large drum kits but I’ll be happy to record the kit at your location with the mobile rig and then we can bring the vocals, bass, keys, guitars into the studio afterwards.

The main room is acoustically treated, I’m running multiple Digital Audio Workstations and plugins, in conjunction with a StudioMaster (English, of course) mixing desk.



Prices are on a case-by-case basis. There are exceptional discounts for churches.


I can provide sync’d wide-angle (GoPro) video with your audio. As 2015 progresses I’ll be adding a second, and perhaps a third, camera for multiple angles.

Let’s work together; send me an email: dave [at] englishaudioguy [dot] com

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