home made acoustic panels

uploaded this to youtube, so i’m copying it here too

decided to try and make some acoustic absorption panels. the first few were entirely glued (no frames). after the mess (not to mention the amount of glue used!) i switched to a half-frame with staples approach.

i made a mixture of full panel, half-size squares (halved down the length) and half-size rectangles (halved across the width) and various colours of burlap.

the panels are roxul safe n sound, from lowes. order online, deliver to store. you get 8 panels, roughly 2ft x 4ft, for under $50. link to lowes

the burlap was under $5 a yard from hobby lobby.

i used less than two packs of staples at approx $5 a pack

i used less than one pack of glue sticks, and i bought the glue gun to have around the house for other projects. gun and sticks came to under $20.

the wood frame pieces are 1×3 from lowes. they’re about $2.60 for a 6 foot piece.

nothing else was purchased purely for this project. in total i think i spent under $200 and i built:

2 fullsize panels
4 2×2 squares
8 1×4 panels

very fun, pretty easy, and totally custom made. the effect on my room is amazing. i plan on uploading a before-and-after video to show the improvements.

the music is some old stuff of mine from a cd called The Unfinished. the sideways images are because of the video editing software. i even rotated them so they look right but the video software made them into letterboxes again. oh well.

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