AKAI LPD8 as a remote control for REAPER

Following on from the $10 USB repeater post (click here for that), I’ve now set up the LPD8 as my across-the-room REAPER remote.

I have the top four buttons set up as:

Select previous track, select next track, record-enable currently-selected track, undo record and go back to previous marker

and the bottom row as:

Stop, play, record, home

So far it’s excellent! I have a pair of headphones over on the comfy chair too, so I have everything I need to record a few takes without being stuck in front of the computer :) I’m considering trying a USB monitor over here too, just because I already have one, to see if it’s any additional help :)

Oh, I have some of the knobs set up too. One is a zoom-in of the current view (not really useful when I’m across the other side of the room :D), zoom out (ditto), horizontal scroll right (ditto), horizontal scroll left (and ditto). These may come in more handy if I start using a monitor over here.

More importantly, two are set up as volume and pan for the currently selected track. These are handy when recording multiple takes that I want to keep, building up a recording one track at a time. Helps monitoring. Good fun! :)


  1. Marc Franchimont


    Good idea!
    Could you please explain how you set up the pads to perform these different tasks?
    (I am using Reaper as a DAW)

    Best regards,

    1. dave (Post author)

      Hey Marc!

      If you open the Actions menu (press ? to open it, or select Action -> show Action list) in Reaper there should be an option to assign new actions in there.

      This video is pretty helpful http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5TOX2UNZgYk

      One thing – if you don’t know the name of the action you want to control, you can click “Find Shortcut” and click / press the key you usually use to control that action, and the list will jump to the action. It’s tricky to describe, but it’s pretty easy to figure out.

      Let me know if you get stuck and I’ll try to help.



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