alesis percpad test – second day

(another youtube crosspost)

so here’s your proof – i’m really not a drummer! :-)

i thought i’d like to try to learn, though, so i got this from amazon yesterday. i’m just jamming over a verse section of a track i’m working on. i have the pad connected to mydrumset / drummix vst instrument (, via reaper and a cheapo usb-to-midi interface.

the interface is probably the main reason for the latency, which is still totally usable, imo.

i’m enjoying adding some realism to my tracks, and hey – if i learn to hold down even the most basic of beats then my guitar & bass playing can do nothing but improve as a result, right?! :-)

we’re hoping to move house in a few weeks. once that’s all finalised i’ll probably get myself an electronic kit. trying to hold down a beat is one thing, but only having two limbs available on the percpad could well be holding me back from far greater things lmao. i’ll probably keep the percpad for additional sounds.

you can probably detect some triggering issues. very frustrating. at this point i would lay the cause of these on my playing “ability” rather than the percpad so i’m reserving judgement.
i noticed that the video is VERY blurry and jagged! sorry about that! don’t know what happened… i’ll leave the HD setting ON next time and see if that helps!

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