argh. another amp replaced

took the lil night train back. that 10″ just didn’t have enough bottom end in that tiny cab. i also took the boss fbm-1 back… not sure if i even posted that i was trying that out.

anyway the combined values of the lil night train and the boss fbm-1 fender bassman pedal (which sounded OK, but not “i must keep this“) came to the same as a used boss sd-1 and a vox ac15vr, so no money was changed hands, my birthday was acknowledged (both before and after a trip to the gun range with my wonderful wife) and i’m not as unhappy as i was. phew! finally!

┬áhere’s a quick clip of the vox. i do at one point crank up the gain just to show what’s avaiable, but i am loving the sound as it is right now – just a tiny bit of hair on that lovely warm tubey sound. guitar is a g&l asat classic tele thing. there’s a little bit of electro harmonix soul preacher compressor and a bit of memory toy delay┬ánear the end, otherwise no pedals at all.

the sd-1 into the vht special 6 is yet another wonderful sound. more on that to come soon…. and i’m still thinking about the fender sound and how i don’t have access to one… but for now i’m v-e-r-y happy :-)


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