Behringer Ultra G GI100 demo / compared to mic

The audio flicks between the mic’d signal (iso box, 12″ Celestion speaker and Behringer dynamic XM1800S) and the direct signal from the Ultra G.

Start to 15s is the mic signal
15s to 24s is the DI
24s to 32s is mic
32s to 44s is DI
44s to 56s is mic (with a little Line 6 delay)
56s to 1:04 is DI
1:04 to the end is both

***PLEASE NOTE*** I added a “reverb” impulse of a Fender Bassman to the direct sound, because bare DI is really not usable on its own. You need something akin to air being moved!

Both signals are perfectly acceptable to my ears (especially combined!), showing once again how you don’t need megabucks to get a great sounding recorded guitar part.

Software used was REAPER on an old Mac Pro, and I used PhotoBooth(!) for the video.

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