better video quality, and making the kodak zi6 run off external power

so i was getting a little miffed at the fuzziness of the recent videos. i bought this webcam because it’s HD capable, and yet the quality of the videos isn’t what i would call HD! so i installed the camera on a windows computer and installed the official logitech drivers and initial tests are encouraging! sorry unix cheese, but this might be the end of our relationship!

i installed it on my music pc and set the audio input to be my behringer interface. this means i can record single-pass audio and video in the same application! :) and now i might be able to see what reaper’s video¬†capabilities¬†are too :-)

i had an old usb extension lying around and that seems to be able to pass through the video without issue, so that means i’m not tied to within three feet of the computer :)

i was also thinking about the reason i stopped using the kodak zi6; because it eats batteries! i just ordered two pairs (i only need one pair, but hey – let’s be safe!) of aa battery blanks. these things are similar to the aaa-to-aa adapters you can get, except they do pass through the connection from the +ve to the -ve connectors. what i may end up doing is drilling a couple of small holes in the plastic battery cover, putting in two of the battery blanks, and then soldering / clipping an external power adapter through the holes to the battery connectors. once the blanks arrive i’ll see what my options are and keep this blog updated on m progress.

for now, though, i’ll be faffing about with the real hd-ability of the logitech c510… and getting ready to pack everything up for our house move! the studio at the new house is much bigger than my room here, and i’m very excited about it… not least because i’ll have my new drum kit set up!! :) :) :)

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