learning new notes – modes of c major

thought i’d get stuck in :). here’re four modes and my initial ramblings. all those flat notes are definitely new territory for me! :)

c dorian C D Eb F G A Bb C 

c phrygian C Dd Eb F G Ab Bb C 

c mixolydian C D E F G Ab Bb C 

c aeolian C D Eb F G Ab Bb C 

i used a pretty bland pad on an electric piano plugin, made sure the chord’s notes highlighted the mode i was playing, and set it to record for about a minute and a half.

a thousand years ago when i was first learning all this technology and information that’s now widely available would have been very helpful!

what i’d like to do is create a learning and reference environment that would have been the only place i would have needed (for application of theory on the guitar, at least) back when i was a complete beginner.

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