faulty drum pad alesis dm8 usb

thought i’d demonstrate the lower colume (triggering capability) of one of the tom pads on my new-ish alesis dm8 usb kit.

i’ve only played this kit for about an hour, and i bought it only about nine weeks ago. you can hopefully hear pretty clearly that the high tom is failing the double-hits. it’s not a major issue, but it’s definitely an indication of a fault in a brand new piece of gear :’-(

i’m working with numark to arrange a return, just wanted to share that one of the pads was either already faulty and i didn’t realise, or it’s fading quickly

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  1. dave (Post author)

    Update: It took Numark about fourteen months to get a replacement to me, and the replacement isn’t the same as the others. I’ve become so used to not having this additional pad that it’s just sitting there in its box, ready to jump in if I ever need a spare. Numark’s customer service is pretty awful! :-(


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