hp webcam 3100 demo, recording acoustic guitar in an acoustically untreated room

still moving my gear out to the new house. thought i’d record something with all-but-one of the acoustic panels out of here. you can clearly hear the flutter echoes.

also, in my quest to make less boring videos (subject matter notwithstanding) i bought an hp 3100 webcam from ebay. cost was well under $20. my plan is to make two-angle videos (well, at least, some of the time), and i thought this would be a good companion to the logitech camera.

side by side, the logitech is by far a better camera. on its own, as in this video, the hp is pretty capable. for lighting i just used a desk lamp, and the light from the monitor.

better lighting may indeed help with the two-camera setup, so i’m not ruling anything out just yet. i’ll see how it goes at the new place. if they’re really obviously different i can use the b&w “trick” on the hp and it should work out just fine :-)

and if indeed i do decide to buy a new camera, i’m thinking of stopping the penny pinching just this once and getting a well-known, highly-regarded camera like the canon t3i

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