jammin sx eg6 with vox ac15vr (and an ugly noise)

hear that buzz? i think it’s an earth loop. i used to think it was my behringer powered monitors (b2031a) but i just sold them at the pawn shop this last weekend, so it’s not them… might be that the guitar amp is on the same outlet as the music computer? i hate these kinds of things :( :( :(

here’s the clip… it sounds great otherwise, honest!!

so, with no monitors i guess it’s time for another rehash of the gear… they (the speakers) were so big, and not used enough (in my opinion) to justify keeping them… these little logitech things i have in my “main” computer sound pretty good, so i guess i’ll use those and headphones for monitoring, at least for a while…

oh, at the pawn shop i also got rid of the sx seg1 and the douglas tele copy, and the tapco mixer.

EDIT I had my old Behringer GDI21 connected to the mixer as well, for additional tonal options and as soon as I disconnected it the buzz went away. I guess it was an earthing issue through thatĀ particularĀ unit. Interestingly the times I’ve had that buzz (off an on over the last two-ish years) I have had it [the buzz] without having the GDI21 in the signal chain. Ah the joys of unbalanced cables.

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