Lexicon Omega and 32bit REAPER Weirdness, New Tracks

I bought a used Lexicon Omega to replace my (more than I need) Focusrite 18i20. Around the time it arrived I decided to try 32bit REAPER for some reason (maybe to control the additional windows popping up with Waves plugins? I don’t remember).

I had so much trouble with this setup! Every recording I did was out of time by about half a second on playback, but never my the same amount. It was driving me crazy. I thought maybe the Omega was/is faulty (its MIDI doesn’t work, for example), but then I remembered that there’re two REAPER links on the Desktop. I tried the 64bit version and the timing was fine.

Just a lesson learned.

I’m on the tail end of a week-long headcold / man flu and found myself in a very creative space last weekend. Wrote and recorded five tracks in two days.

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