guitar theory made easy – books, apps, and all neck diagrams available in left handed too!

amazon – there’s not much you can’t buy from amazon these days, and if you click from here and buy something i’ll get a small kickback

stomptone – handmade pedals from the general guitar gadgets line

general guitar gadgets – make your own pedals! and they’re good ones! they have a monthly special.

reaper audio software. multi track, audio, midi, tons of midi control, vsts, etc etc etc. fantastically priced.

audacity audio software. good for making mp3s of your reaper renders. free.

kristal audio engine before it got crap. multitrack. audio-only. tons of tracks. vsts. free.

ambiloop  windows looping software. get this. it’s ace. and it’s free.

beth fine – my mother-in-law is a fantastic author, and a wonderful woman!

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