new studio – early days

this is how the new studio is looking so far. i have the desk set up in the corner (not great for monitoring, but i’ll be working on that), the new drum kit to the right. the amps are hidden away in a closet with cable running down one side of the room inside a pvc pipe ( :) ) to keep it tidy.

you can see one light on yet another homemade pvc stand on the left, there’s another out of shot on the right. the plan is to set these up for recording videos, and they’ll be quick and easy to take down and store away in another closet.

i’ll probably end up using a pair of the acoustic panels on stands for recording the acoustic, and put them away when not in use. that way i can stay at the control area in my shiny new guitar stool :)

there’s a lot of room in here, and i’m really enjoying it. the panels aren’t installed yet, and i may have to build another batch, but it’s a very creative-feeling space! :) the view out of the window is pretty cool too.

This pic was taken with my birthday gift: a Nikon D3100. A highly recommended camera! :) I’ll be uploading videos made with this in the near future, perhaps with a second angle using one of the webcams for added interest :)

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