quick demo – sx eg6, two amps, three pedals, clonezilla

quick little thing using my sx eg6 (whch i should have tuned first, oh well…)

first fender vibro champ, then vht special 6 combo, then i kick in a boss sd1, then turn that off and switch on a general guitar gadgets / stomptone bsiab2 contour, and finally i turn that off and kick on the gearmanndude luther drive. i have the amps hooked up to a boss line selector, and i got this handy remote control from lowes which lets me control anything ac-powered. very handy 😀 so no leaning over to the corner of the room to switch on the amps any more :-)

i had to reinstall windows on my music computer again yesterday. after reinstalling the o/s and my music apps (btw it REALLY helps to have reaper installed as a portable version because your prefs don’t get lost in the c:\users\ directory 😉 ) i decided that i really don’t like that experience. i got hold of clonezilla, which is freeware / open source disk imaging software. fits on a usb stick. so far so good.


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