re/unlearning and a pre-resolution

I’ve recently found myself inspired to spend more time actually playing guitar and learning something new, rather than the endless recording of a riff here and a two-chord progression there.

I’m still working on an action plan for next year, but so far it’s definitely going to include:

playing in unfamiliar keys
some good study books
less time online!

and perhaps include:

taking some lessons
giving some lessons

This evening i set up a loop in REAPER that had seven two-bar chord pads, each one representing what i thought was a good representation of that scale degree’s modal tonality.

For Dorian, for example, I made sure the pad was playing a Bb, an Ab and an Eb because those are the “altered” notes for that mode.

I’ll not expand on the theory behind my thinking at this time (typing on a tablet is getting very old very quickly) but basically I’m working on a pitchaxis type thing with each scale sharing the same root.

I’ve started with the modes of C because (apart from lydian and ionian) there’re flats everywhere and my many years of being either not playing or stuck in G and D have made keys with flats very unfamiliar to my fingers. Indeed, my eyes and fingers are still grappling with a C and a Db in the same “breath” as they’re so used to the “unrightness” of a C and a C# being together! :)

I’m also trying very hard to make everything as musicial and “unexercisey” as possible. If nothing else this is to keep me interested 😉

So… a custom musical training program, tailor made for me… for free! :)

As this is a blog I plan on updating it with my progress (or lack thereof) and that will include media… probably more audio than video just because it’s faster.

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