share your REAPER processing power

Another cool feature of REAPER I only just heard about. You can set up a second (or more!) computer running reamote.exe (it’s part of the application) and it will share your plugins’ CPU / memory requirements! How cool is that?!?!

I tried it yesterday. Even though my plugin usage was quite low (12% for four tracks with some eq, compression, reverb) I had a second computer do the reverb for me and my CPU usage went down to under 3%… very very impressive.

Go to for more details on setting it up and whatnot.

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  1. dave

    I did a little experiment last night and you can even run reamote under wine on linux!

    I added SIX instances of the Veriety of Sound EpicVerb plugin (which is a fantastic reverb btw!) to a drum track. This track also has a parametric EQ, a compressor, a graphic EQ (don’t ask why!) and the magneto plugin on it.

    When processed locally REAPER became a little sluggish and the REAPER CPU monitor went to 22-ish%. I Fired up reamote under win on a really old Linux desktop and had it take the plugin processing for that track and REAPER’s CPU went down to 3%.

    Very very cool! :)


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