signal path – in detail

i was talking to a friend of mine today and he’s having trouble with his connections, getting a healthy recording level, etc. so i thought i’d describe my setup in a little more detail than usual, mainly to help him out (hi josh!), but perhaps it’ll be of some use to others too.

warning: there’s a lot of behringer here! 

i have two guitar amps. each has a behringer dynamic mic stuck in front of it, touching the grille. i play at a really low (conversation-level) volume. each mic goes to a mic input on a little behringer xenyx 802 mixer. the input gain (little black knobs near the input themselves) is set at about 1 o’clock. my bass guitar goes into an mxr dynacomp, then into a behringer bdi21, and then into channel 3 on the xenyx mixer; i don’t use a bass amp.

the line out from my usb soundcard (beheringer uca202) goes to the tape inputs on the xenyx, and similarly the tape outs on the xenyx go to the line in on my soundcard

the control room outputs on the xenyx go to the input of a little behringer headphone amp / splitter (ha400). i use two of the outputs on this thing – one for my headphones (audio technica ath-m30) and one for my powered speakers (just some logitech somethings with a subwoofer that i got from best buy).

that’s my entire audio setup. i use the asio4all drivers with reaper.

i have a behringer bcr2000 which i use for volume, panning, track record select, 3-band eq, mute, solo, etc. and i have an akai lpd8 and a kork nanokontrol that i used for a while, but i got sick of the usb devices not waking up after the computer goes to standy, so these days i just tend to use the bcr2000 (via midi, not usb) and as i say, it’s not essential – just saves me from mousing around 😉


  1. Josh Mullis

    Thanks Dave. Much appreciated!

    1. dave

      You’re welcome! :)


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