this $10 purchase could change your recording life!

i just got one of these from amazon. it’s basically a really long usb extension cable, with some electronics built in such that the usual issues you might come across with using a long cable don’t happen. this cable is 32ft long :-O 32ft USB repeaterĀ (links open in a new window / tab).

i have it installed around the outside of the room (in the plastic pipe šŸ˜€ ), so now i can control record, play, stop, undo, select tracks, etc. in reaper with my akai lpd8 from the other side of the room, AND there’re no ugly cables running across the floor! :)

if you have an area where maybe you like to record but you’re not right next to the computer, you might like to considerĀ somethingĀ like this. i guess you could even connect a hub (a powered hub would probably be better) to the remote end and have all kinds of cool stuff connected to your computer :-)



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