update on learning to drum – alesis dm8 usb with percpad

if you watch some of my previous videos you’ll see how i extended the length of a midi cable, and how i’m a pretty terrible complete beginner drummer. you’ll also see how i decided to give drumming a try with an alesis percpad, with a view to combining it with an electronic kit if i decided to buy one.

well, i bought an alesis dm8 usb kit from amazon a little while before i moved house and i’ve finally got the thing hooked up to the computer (and via midi to the percpad with the homemade midi cable).

the percpad is not completely securely attached to the drum rack yet, but it’s good enough for my noodling. i have it set to trigger the bell of the ride, a tambourine, a china type cynbal and a splash cymbal. even though i can’t keep very good time (yet!!!) i’m having a lot of fun! :)

besides… midi mistakes are so easily corrected in the software :-)

in this clip you can hear the default kit onboard the dm8’s brain

the kit came with a beginner version of toontrack ezdrummer and the latency is VERY low (via REAPER). the sounds are a very basic set but they’re really quite nice.

i’m waiting on a sale from audiodeluxe so i can get the full version of ezdrummer because toontrack’s site is WAY overpriced, and the full version is actually cheaper than the upgrade anywhere that i’ve found. d’oh!

after i move to the hihat i miss the pedal with my right foot, and then my left foot takes on a completely different tempo to the rest of my body. oopsy 😀

ok so i’m still learning, but i guess everyone was a learner once, so i’m not losing any sleep over it :-)


<-link to this exact kit on amazon, opens in a new window / tab

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