vox ac15vr and vht special 6 together

i think they work really well together, two completely different amps sounding so similar yet without getting in each other’s way

order of play, yes i checked and rechecked is:

both for two measures
ac15 for two measures
vht  for two measures
both for four measures
vht (right) for two measures
ac15 (left) for two measures
both  for two measures

guitar is the sx sst with the gfs vintage staggered pickups, neck & middle position. the vht also has a boss sd1 for a little grind but ma non troppo :)

here’s the same thing but with a goofy overcompressed (via mxr dynacomp) bass part and a basic drum loop. i rendered this to mp3 inside reaper…

naturally both amps are capable of much more. here i’m only using one guitar on one pickup setting with just a mild overdrive on one of the amps. there’s much more available here! :)

i hope to share some more sounds here in the coming days and weeks.

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