Writing Frenzy

I got sick in November 2014 (man ‘flu’ – there’s little worse!) and over the period of a few days a bunch of new tracks came out of nowhere (I’d rather think they were “given” to me). I uploaded everything to SoundCloud but the main Ambiguation site was offline at the time, so didn’t get the updates.

Basic guitar gear was an Epiphone SG, Line 6 M9, Joyo Fender, Joyo Vox, Winfield “Winnie” Typoon head, Behringer DI box, Winfield dummy load box. Bass was a Squier Jazz into a Behringer Bass V-Amp pro, and everything went into REAPER on Win7, with┬ámisc. plugins.

Would love to work with somebody to add words and melodies to these things. They might well need a good dose of rearrangement, too. Maybe some combining and whittling down to fewer, stronger, tracks is in order, too?

Where There’s No Silence (30/11)

Tried (23/11)

Reveal (20/11)

Steady (20/11)

Rebuilder (17/11)

Hush (17/11)

Sealed With a Smile (16/11)

I Think You Should Thank Him (16/11)

Son of Shoulder (16/11)

All tracks are (c) me, and (p) me, 2014.

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